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Asif Akbar’s ’emptiness’ with Shimul-Preeti

Entertainment Reporter, Rising Cox
  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Sadiqur Shimul, Preeti Alvi and Md. Yasir Arafat. Photo: Rising Cox

The shooting of Asif Akbar’s musical film ‘Shunyata’ directed by young popular producer Md. Yasir Arafat has recently ended at some interesting places in Cox’s Bazar. Here it has been acted by Sadiqur Shimul, Preeti Alvi and Anipa Nindia.

Preeti and Shimul told Rising Cox that anyone who works with beloved brother Yasser Arafat will fall in love with his work. He is an impossibly dedicated, hardworking and talented director for the job. We believe that he will win the hearts of all through his work very soon. I would like to do more work with beloved Yasser Arafat in the future. Hope, everybody is getting a fabulous and enthralling sight or work.

Director Yasser Arafat told Rising Cox that the work (shooting) was recently completed at some of the most interesting places in Cox’s Bazar and so we offer thanks to every team members for the tireless work that was completed
sincerely enthusiastically. Hopefully the work will touch the minds of the audience.

The lyrics and melody of the song were composed by Soham Majumder, the popular lyricist and composer from Kolkata. The music of the song has been directed by Iftekharul Etesham Lelin, a popular music director of this country. Sunny Khan, a popular cinematographer of the time, has worked as a cinematographer of musical films. The work was created and published from the “Creative Box” production house. The musical film will be released soon on any of the popular YouTube channels in the country.

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