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SSC in April, HSC in June will be held next year

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  • Update Time : Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Next year’s SSC exam will be in April, and HSC exam will be in June. The Education Board has informed that they are preparing with this plan. The Board is thinking of taking exams in all subjects next year.

According to the education schedule, SSC examinations are held in February and HSC examinations in April. But because of Corona, the schedule has become chaotic in the last two years.
Although the SSC exam was held in 2020, the HSC exam could not be taken. This year also SSC examination is being held in November instead of February. And HSC will be in December.
According to the plan of the Education Board, next year’s SSC and HSC examinations will also delay by two months. The syllabus has already been shortened a bit.
But, exams in all subjects will be happen. This won’t be like this year. Question papers will be prepared in January, along with the selection test.
It is informed by the teachers that the decision to take exams in all subjects is right. They also think that the students will be able to prepare well after finishing the syllabus as a result of delaying the exams.
The board hopes that from 2023, it will be possible to take SSC and HSC examinations as per the normal curriculum.
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